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20 May 2007

Darwin Award

Dear readers,

Just a word to say that the first Darwin Award this year has come to a 36 year old Dutch male, on 1st January 2007! Yes, the moron did buy an illegal piece of fireworks in Belgium and smuggled it in the Netherlands. And yes, he didn't read the notice which stated that there was no timer (or maybe he didn't buy the notice with the rocket). So he lit it with a naked flame... while keeping his head above it. Instant kill was a result. He had no children, which made him this year first winner.

I know it is not very funny, but on the other hand, these guys break our ears every year with their illegal fireworks...


le new fifi said...

I was not too busy dear brother, but I was at grand-mother's home! But I'll work Wednesday, sunday et monday, for highway police (cynénomètre dit la gendarmerie), and for wine festival! :( Poor men which won the darwin award...

Expathos said...

Hey Loggy,

Yup! We have a winner!

I would love to have you pen some thoughts at along with copydude and some other... well... interesting writers.


(the old site)