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Legends of the Five Rings (L5R for short) is a fantasy game setting developed by Alderac Entertainment Games and including three specific games. The first one, in chronological order, is a 15 years running eponymous collectible card game (CCG). The second is a role playing game (RPG), which is currently in its 4th edition. The most recent of these games is a board game, Ninja. The setting can be distinguished form similar fantasy ones by two things: it is placed in an Asian inspired universe, most specifically with strong Japanese elements, and its imaginary historical time line is mostly decided by the weekly results of international card tournaments and other contests. In other words, the players of the card game (and sometimes of the other games of the set up) can influence the background, story choices and even future cards or supplements by their performance.
Both the CCG and RPG are my hobby and I am happy to share on this page my passion for this enticing setting. The player community in the Netherlands is in full renewal and I happen to be one of the moderators and main editor of the associated website: Kyuden Holland. I also manage a Facebook group and page dedicated to the Dutch L5R players and events. We usually play on week-ends, but most events can be found on the relevant page on Kyuden Holland. In Rotterdam, we are happy to demo the games to newcomers.