30 January 2007

Scaramella or not?

Dear readers,

If you remember, I previously had a quick shot at researching Mario Scaramella's activities in relation to the Litvinenko's case. It appears that the International Herald Tribune did a much better and complete job in an article published the 9th January 2007. I have to confess that I did not find it myself, but the link was indicated by copydude.

But anyway, the point is that the whole Scaramella case is, as I suspected, a big scam. Scaramella is obviously a crook and a pathological but interested liar. It also casts a new light on Silvio Berlusconi's methods in Italy, as well as on the CIA and more generally US involvement in Italian politics. Not that the CIA was apparently ever involved directly with the Napoletan so-called scientist, but some of his associates had links with CIA agents indicted in the abduction of an Islamic cleric in Italy. If you add this kind of link to what happened in the Niger yellowcake-Plame-CIA-Iraq story, you have I believe an interesting idea of how US intelligence services work...

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