31 December 2009

2009 Review before 2010 wishes

Dear readers,

I have been a very bad blogger in 2009, inflicting only a couple of blog posts on you. I am very ashamed of this, so I decided to finish this year with something useful. So for all of you living in Rotterdam, Dutchies of Alochtones, here is a couple of tips from my 2009 experience to use in 2010 (and some shameful publicity for some friends of mine).

* Restaurant (classic): Met de Franse Slag. This classic French restaurant and café, on Schilderstraat 20, has a good chef and an excellent service for a very reasonable price (count 50 euros pp including wine for a three courses meal). The decor is also quite interesting, mixing jazzy and kitsch.
* Restaurant (exotic): Fugu is an excellent Japanese restaurant. Although not truely Japanese (there is no true Japanese restaurant in Rotterdam), it is the nearest to traditional Japanese cooking. The service is perfect and the location really nice, in the Wester Handelsterrein.

* Gaming store (geeky): Gamers of the West is your international friendly card, board and miniature game shop, in the Jonker Fransstraat. Led by the energetic and welcoming West Givner (from Cleveland, Ohio), you will find there everything to play from Magic to Warhammer 40K, but also some rarer stuff, such as Infinity miniatures or my personal favourite: Legends of the Five Rings. The shop is big and West invites eveyone to play inside, so it is a very good atmosphere.
* Strip shop (general): Yendor. In the Korte Hoogstraat, it has cartoon novels, strips, mangas and some merchandising objects too. The staff is always helpful and has some old or rare stuff, on demand. Great service and great choice, although mostly (but not only) in Dutch.
* Computer shop: MyCom has good service, great advice and a very good content. On the Mariniersweg, it proposes pretty much everything, PC only, at excellent prices. Ordering online is possible, as well as home delivery.