19 April 2009

Libertas lies, Libertas lies, Libertas is American

Dear readers,

I have been away for a while. Sorry about that. I'll try to be more regular, although I would make no promise. This post is a reaction to something I noticed while recently using Google Reader.

I was reading feeds from Slate, the Democrat's US news website when I realized what was the advertisement joined to each post (provided by Google Ad and in Dutch). Because it was about politics, Google Ad automatically displayed an animated ad by Libertas, the Irish party turned pan-European. The ad more or less says: "If you wanted to have a say in the new EU constitution, Brussels says NO. Sign the Libertas petition".

So I would like to help a little bit the persons who might have seen his ad and got confused by it. First, I would like to point out one lie spread by this ad: that the currently discussed treaty is a Constitution. It is pretty clear that the previous project, which had some constitutional aspects to it, was shelved. The current one remains only a treaty between sovereign nations. I personally regret it, but that's the way it is. So the ad is misleading already about this. Secondly, it is a fact that Brussels (i.e. the European Commission or the Parliament) has no say in how countries ratify such treaties. This is down to each country's specific constitution. For this reason, saying that Brussels says no is a pure lie. The ones who say no are the member states, which have always been wary about letting "Brussels"becoming too democratic, because it might stop them from haggling together, away from the citizen's watch.

So Libertas is lying. Again. No real wonder for this obscure party, born from the ambition of an Irish businessman, Declan Ganley. Ganley has pan-European ambitions, a paradox for this very Americanized new politician. He claims to want a more democratic Europe, a claim dispelled very quickly once you have a look at Libertas website, which recycles al the old anti-European themes, falling in the most basic populism and demagogy.

Hence the title of my post, inspired by one of old War-time BBC French speaking slogans aimed at the occupied France. "Radio Paris ment, Radio Paris ment, Radio Paris est Allemand". Libertas funds and backing is indeed tightly linked to Ganley's personal fortune, born from very good business in then Bush led USA. Republicans have notoriously been fearing a too powerful Europe. No wonder they might have helped an initiative aiming at undermining European affirmation.