31 January 2007

Good places in Rotterdam

Dear readers,

Some friend of mine asked me for advice about the places to visit in Rotterdam. As I didn't really know for sure what she meant, I answered broadly about places I liked. I guess I can share this personal knowledge (ha ha) with you, in case you don't live in the city of Erasmus and you want to come for a visit.

So here it is...
For restaurants, I would recommand:
- Fugu is good Japanese restaurant, not to pricey and with good decoration
- Met de Franse Slag is a good French cuisine with a Dutch chef
- Zinc is small French place in a lovely area along the Maas river
- Dyonisos is a good Greek restaurant in the centre
- Hotel New York is the really nice place on the river, in a restaured Hotel
For bars and pubs:
- Paddy Murphy's is the typical Irish pub with live music
- Consul is an alternative Dutch bar with really good sound tracks... ;-)
- Locus Publicus is the best place in town for beers of any kind
For clubs, unfortunately, I haven't been able to test many lately as my favorite place (Calypso) was closed… :-( But these have a decent reputation:
- I-max (near the Maritime Museum)
- Off Corso (in the centre)
If you are more in the cultural things, I would recommand a couple of very interesting museums:
- Architecture Institute
- Historical Museum
- Maritime Museum
- Nature Museum
- Kunsthal (modern Art Museum)
- Booijmans Museum (fine art museum)

Last but not least, visiting the port by boat (the famous Pancake Cruise or the more classic Spido) is a must.

Well, as we say in French, voilà... I hope you will enjoy my adoptive home town as much as I do.

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