16 August 2006

The NS did it again !

Dear readers,

Yes, the NS did it again ! Isn't this company a disgrace ? What is so bad with it ?

Well, to make a long story short, I missed my train again this morning. Guys, you know me, when this happens, it's usually that I didn't really wake up that early... But this time, it was very different. I woke up nicely, went outside and began walking to the station. Time was ok, just a bit short...

When I reached the station, I heard the train coming in, I could see the damn clock showing a good two minutes left before departure. I ran anyway, sensing something wrong. When I reached the platform, the train was leaving already... 1 minute before the normal time !!! According to the NS own clocks.

I just hate this Dutch train company... I had to take two metros to reach the other station, take a fast train to the town where I work, take two other trams and eventually walk to my work to arrive 10 minutes late only. I will get violent one day, that's sure. No one can take so much shit from a stupid train company. I had goet used to trains being late, not running at all or going to the wrong place. But trains leaving earlier than expected, this is the first time... How are customers expected to cope with this? I wonder. I wonder if the NS cares at all, to be honest.

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