09 August 2006

EUobserver.com - EU Foreign Policy

Dear readers,

The following article was in today's EU Observer: EUobserver.com ; it is interesting to see that after the failure of the EU constitution, member States government have still not understood how important it is to have only one voice on the International scene. This is of course a nightmare for smaller countries. But even bigger European States are actually anihilating their own efforts by competing against each other instead of cooperating. This is not very much a surprise, coming from the UK or Poland, whose European links and good will have always been weak and the participation to the EU project suspect. But it is much more unexcusable from France or Germany who have preached the union "gospel" and are the most likely to lose ground with this kind of policies.

It seems to me that Europe and European need a major renewal of their political men and women. Until this is done and the "old politicians" are replaced with ones with a real vision, Europe will be condemend to be the battlefield of petty national ambitions and external power plays.

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