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25 January 2007


Dear readers,

It is becoming a bit of a sad habit, unfortunately, but I have to report the death of another person I liked. As stated by many news sources and for instance this one, Jean-François Deniau died from cancer on Wednesday, aged 78. He was a politician in the noble meaning of this word, I believe, and France will miss guys of his stature and qualities. A diplomat and later member of the French National Assembly, affiliated to the UDF centrist party, he actually wrote most of the Rome treaty preamble, founding the European Community. He was also a man of actions as well as words, a great sailor and a courageous and honorable man. I remember with pleasure reading one of his books, Deux heures après minuit (Two Hours after Midnight), where he told about his discrete missions for the French diplomacy with many resistance movements around the world, fighting dictatures or simply for their rights.

On another rather sombre note (for myself), I have also to tell that I am unfortunately leaving my job. So for those who know me personaly, I will be looking for a good job, preferably in the Netherlands or in... Greece. All ideas and tips are welcome in any case.


Afghan LORD said...

good blog here

Afghan LORD said...

Dear Alphast,

That would be great, if you provide me contacts of Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan i appreciate. I am very interested to contact them and interview them. They are serving in a harsh province. Some time if i got chance to travel in Uruzgan would be fantastic.


Alphast said...

Thanks for the nice comments.
Yes, I just sent a message to my friends there and I'll keep you informed asap.