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08 November 2006

Slate - on the US elections

Dear readers,

I found this pearl on Slate today:
"I am God fearing second amendment supporting and as I said before I like girls and I like football…You don't have to worry about me emailing little boy pages on the Senate floor… Politics is way to puny for the Jesus I serve and Love… The real guiding force in this race is my Lord and Savior. I serve a big God. I serve an enormously big God." TN Senate candidate Harold Ford on various MSNBC Interviews.

Holy shit...! Either this guy has an enormously big sense of humour or he has absolutely no sense of ridicule. And in any case, it reinforces the idea I had about Republicans in the USA...

Edited on 10/11/2006: Well, I should have read this MSNBC thing a bit more carefully. Most people (as they say) would have corrected by themselves, but Harold is in fact a Democrat. This said, that makes only this piece of news more ridiculous... Secularism is really dead in the USA.

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