20 March 2020

Coronavirus Invasion Nea Ionia Lockdown Day #2

Today has been a mentally gruelling and frustrating experience. The Centre requires field agents, while not on a mission, to participate in the training of new or prospective recruits at the base. My partner and myself were assigned a young prospective agent and made him go through some of the hoops of our trade. Exercises included foreign languages, pattern recognition, friend or foe identification and of course physical training. Part of the physical training was done at the base while some of it was done outside, as a field exercise.

The agent proved to be not very receptive to the training. I fear what will come if he is to be used in a mission. Youth is of course impatient and this can be a very serious issue in the field. The future agent showed however excellent physical stamina and a good capacity at identifying the enemy and reporting it. Foreign languages are in particular a useful skill for any secret agent. While this recruit is showing great potential with these, his distinct lack of dedication and effort in this matter could be a hindrance. Natural ability can't always replace hard work, I'm told.

Anyway, the filed exercise proved to be a relief. The agent was enthusiastic and energetic. My only concern is that his overly competitive nature might lead him to take more risks than absolutely necessary. This line of work also requires humility...

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