09 May 2008

Update: Lebanon

Dear readers,

This is just to tell that Hizbollah has accomplished what it was hoping for all along. After long preparations, exchanges of rebuttals and provocations, ensuring that no power would resist it, the theo-fascists have taken control of Western Beirut by force, killing or capturing anyone who would resist and burning the TV station of pro-government Future Movement. The Lebanese Army, as usual, has done little to oppose the coup. Hizbollah is now again in a strength position, not because it is right, nor because it represents a majority, but simply because of brutal violence and its will to use it against a state that has been emptied of any strength by external powers.

It is a sad day for Lebanon, a sad day for Muslims (who have killed each others the whole last two days) and a sad day for the Middle-East. Nothing new, unfortunately, but I believe it was worth mentioning amongst the general indifference of Western media and the boredom of the chain of news coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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