06 February 2008

A small revolution within Google Search engine

Dear readers,

I have noticed today a small change in the way Google displays results for a search. It may sound trivial but for people like me, who make a living out of finding information in multiple languages, it is a small revolution. If you type in google.fr a simple word such as virgil, you will get the following result:

As you can see if you enlarge this image, the first three items are your good old Google search results in the localized version of Google (here France). But instead of proposing upfront the alternative spelling virgil, it does so only after the three first results and displays immediately the tentative result. More interesting for me, the lowest results on the page are what the search result would have been if I had made the search in Googel.en, improving considerably the scope and quality of the overall search.

So ok, it is probably still very trivial to you, but for me it is indeed a small revolution.


contrarybear said...

Google is the bomb.
If I'm lucky I might work there someday!

Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...

Ha ha. I heard it is the best place to work in the world. This said, I am pretty happy at the moment myself. ;-)