28 December 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear readers,

Before taking a couple of days of badly deserved vacations in France, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and most of all a very happy New Year 2008.

Yes, I know, Christmas is over and New Year's Eve is not now yet, but that's the spirit... I personally would like to share my wishes for 2008. I know most of these are totally unrealistic, but who cares?

I wish that Dutch people learn the meaning of the words "cooking" (no, it is not something Gordon Ramsey is doing on telly, it can happen in your kitchens...) and "service" (it is something worth paying for, yes...). Sorry darling, if you read this, it was not meant for you personaly.

I wish that French people learn the meaning of the expressions "arrogant ignorance" (that's unfortunately the summary of your foreign policy) and "Europe" (no, it is not an extension of the Francophonie, neither the source of all your local problems).

I wish that American people learn the meaning of "democracy" (it is not just the name of a liberal commie party, you know, it is also a political regime you used in the past) and "arrogant ignorance" (strange how problems can be similar, regardless of size or power, he?). To all my American friends, you know I love you very much and that you are not included in this.

I wish that Afghan people learn the words "Human Rights" and "Women Rights". I know it is not only your fault, considering the Great Game was played upon your heads since the 1800's... Anyway, Nasim my friend, if you are reading this, I wish you particularly all the best, considering that, unlike me, you are risking not just the estim of your friends but your very life by blogging for your people and fighting for a free press in your country.

I could go on like this for the 180 countries or so that are members of the United Nations, but you are already bored, so I am going to do something else. I am going to speak for countries that are not. ;-)

To my Taiwanese friends, I wish that China let you go and that other countries grow some spine and tell Beijing to shove it up where the sun never shines... Yes, you have a free country, and the continentals are only jealous because they can't even dream about achieving what you did.

To residents of Somaliland, I'd like to say good luck. Nobody knows where you live and nobody cares about your lives. Nevertheless, you have achieved what few managed in a region of the world better known for its pirates, civil wars, terrorists, dictatures and extremists: building some haven of peace, relative prosperity and civility.

To Kurds, I'd like to say good luck too. Everybody knows where you live now, and especially the Turks. Sorry for you about this...

To Kosovars, I'd like to wish a lot of patience. It's worth a lot, believe me. And I am sure you know first hand that nothing is worth war.

To my family and friends I wish you all happiness, wealth, health and a lot of friends. ;-)


Mohamed El Kortbi said...

Bonne et heureuse année !

Une pensée à tous les peuples qui aspirent à la liberté !

Anonymous said...

Bonne année à toi mon JiBi !

Qu'elle te soit douce et t'apporte plein de bonnes choses : du bonheur, la santé pour toi et tes proches.
Et de la réussite dans tes projets.

Smack !

Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...

Grand merci à tous les deux pour vos souhaits.