18 December 2007

Belgium again

Dear readers,

As an update on my last post, I would like to announce that Guy Verhofstadt was indeed asked by the king to begin the formation of a new government in Belgium (without Yves Leterme's party, but with the French speaking ones). This will be a transitional government, without any real power except the one, specified by the king himself, to undergo a complete institutional reform. If this puts an end to extremely damaging times for Belgium, it does not really solve anything yet. There is still absolutely no majority in Belgium, at the Federal level, to govern the country. Worse, there is absolutely no consensus on what institutional changes to achieve. And last but not least, if the will to "live together" has been restated by some of the major politicians, there is no consensus on how to achieve and perpetuate this.

It seems to me that Belgium problems are far from over. However, the style of Guy Verhofstadt will certainly help improve the situation. To be honest, anything would have been better than going on with Yves Leterme...

Update: my bad! I failed to realize that Yves Leterme party is still in the new transitional government. So good luck to the new Prime Minister...

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