13 July 2007

Movies on the fly

Dear readers,

I had the chance to go to both the Life Earth concerts in Amsterdam and the jazz live performance in Oud Charlois for Jazz Festival Rotterdam. Let's say that I was not too impressed by Life Earth (7th July). The public was scarce, as well as far from enthusiastic. Worse, the bands invited were minor ones. If I can give credit to the first two (female singers unknown outside the Netherlands but with voices pretty enough and certain musical qualities), I have to admit that Ali B was right when he blurted: "Hamburg got Shakira, London has Genesis, but you guys got Ali B, sorry..."

And true enough, despite the attempts of some local "cabaretier" to make the atmosphere a bit nicer, it didn't get any cooler. Maybe that was partially due to the bright sun (I got bad sunburns). It was not very constant, but seriously hot. But I believe that this disaster of an event lacked any serious band to listen to. On the contrary, Jazz in Charlois (8th July) was very nice, cozy and nearly intimate, but with quality musicians and an enthusiastic public. OK, it was also a bit of an older one, but who cares. Even the kids in the crowed enjoyed it. It was far less pretentious but far more efficient than the world wide show of the day before.

Just as an extra note, and also because I am in the mood, I would like to mention to you, dear readers, that the European Union has published a hilarious video on YouTube, featuring 45 seconds of pretty hot love scenes for various MEDIA subsidised movies. The film extract has provoked quite a stir amongst some European politicians, stiffening (if I may use this crude joke) at the idea of multi nationally sponsored sex. So, enjoy!

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