01 May 2007


Dear readers,

Today was Queen's Day, or in the Dutch lingo "Koninginedag" (try to say that fast and don't forget that the g is pronounced like a Spanish j, except after another consonant...). Lots of people dressed up in orange in the streets, and with the most outrageous outfit. It was fun though. I even went to help M-So to sell old cloths in the street. We had quite good fun, a lot of tanning, but didn't sell much. I'll post some pictures about this event tomorrow. Just to give you who read me from around the world an idea of what it's like in this low land.

To stay on the bright side, I might have a new job very soon. Contract isn't signed yet, but it looks good so far.

And a last treat, for you French readers, I added a link to my brother's blog. Enjoy!

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