05 March 2007

Utrecht Jazz Festival

Dear readers,

I had an interesting visit to Utrecht this week-end. I wanted to enjoy a concert by the Hasse Poulsen Jazz Band. These are Danish jazzmen, living in France but singing (sometimes) in English. I wasn't disappointed. Though their style, a mix of jazz, blues, house and heavy metal, was not my particular cup of tea, I could still appreciate the virtuosity and the energy of the band. As usual, the sound of the SJU was excellent and the beer very drinkable...

From Marelles-blog

So here is a picture of these guys, sorry for the blur, but it's not that easy to get a decent photo in a dark room without a flash.

Anyway, if you like good music and inventive musicians, don't hesitate to listen to these guys. They are touring Europe regularly, so it should be easy if you live on the old continent. And bravo to the SJU and the Utrecht Jazz Festival for an excellent (if short) concert.

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