23 November 2006

BBC - Dutch elections won by SP

Dear readers,

Just a word about the Dutch elections. It was a bit strange yesterday night, when the first results were displayed on the Dutch 1st TV channel. The BBC and Le Monde reported rightly that, if the CDA has, as expected, won the parliamentary elections, there is an obvious shift of the electorate towards left wing parties and a more "social" society. This is going to make the negotitations for a coalition government extremely tense indeed.

On one side, you will have a CDA, nearly ensured of getting the Minister President position, while its ideas and policy are at least pertly rejected by the Dutch voters. Which should lead the party to ally with the Christen Unie and the PvdA (Labour Party). But ironically, the victory slogan of CDA was: "wij hebben goud". Which is as much "we won the gold (medal)" as "we got gold". Which is just what the voters reproached them. The CDA outrageously favoured its relatively rich, christian couple with children voters, while other less advantaged citizens felt left behind...

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