31 October 2006

Weird Dutch Piece of News

Dear readers,

I have the luck to sit in the train every morning when commuting to work. It is good, because it allows me to read the newspapers, maintaining my Dutch to a relatively acceptable level. This morning, an article in Metro News Rotterdam (page 3) particularly draw my attention: "Oppassen voor ontploffende kroketten". Or in English, "attention to exploding croquettes". Most of you know or at least have heard about this summit of Dutch delicacies (yes, this is sarcasm), the croquette. According to the newspaper, some of these can explode from the heat of the oven, spreading their hot filling all over the place. Scary ! In this Halloween time, it is certainly frightening me more than ghosts or witches... A cooking grenade ! Pheewwww...

See you.

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