08 October 2006

Russia's lost honor.

Dear readers,

I could have made a new entry about the last book I read, or begin my future chronicle about constitutional law. Unfortunately, there was a sad piece of news yesterday that I'd like to comment. One of Russia's last free journalist, if not the last, has been assassinated in here lift, in Moscow. Anna Politkovskaïa was the victim of a professional. The gun and empty cases were found near the riddled body. Anna Politkovskaïa was the conscience of Russia, writing critical articles and photo reports for Novaïa Gazeta, an opposition newspaper.

She was just preparing a report about torture in Chechnya. She had been threatened by the Russian power as well as its Chechnyan subsidiary. She had been the victim of poisoining attempts, anonymous calls, etc. But she was saying: "I have children. What will I tell them in 20 years from now, if I don't say anything today, if I don't testify..." She was a woman of honor and courage. As it seems, Russia has none of both anymore. Putine killed Russia's honor.

Or he did let kill... does it matter?

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