05 October 2006

Citizens, Blogs and Politics

Dear readers,

A good friend recently made the remark that this blog is mainly about politics (and sometimes books) and rarely or never about transports. This despite the fact that I work in a transport company. Well, the answer is simple, I am normally not authorized to disclose any information about my work or any information that I accessed through my work. So I am sticking to issues which are safer, namely politics and literature. Sorry mate !

Which leads me to my second point: citizens, blogs and politics. I have read many blogs, written by politically conscious citizens and treating politics through various angles. Most of them (just like the one you are currently reading) are expressing opinions, more or less based on news items and our own level of understanding of these. Well, I intend to do something a bit newer. Not that it does not exist elsewhere, but at least it will be an attempt at being slightly more original. Or so I hope. And I also hope you will like it and that you will react to it too...

My intention, in the coming months, is to add some more personal ideas on this blog by actually listing out (and hopefully discussing with you) my ideal political principles. One can call it constitutional principles. But it is a bit more than this, as it includes rights and duties of citizens as well as some other legal principles. I will willingly keep any specific national or geographical reference out, as I expect this to be wide enough to englobe a country as well as, let's say, a supranational organization.

So, keep tuned...

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