02 September 2006

EUobserver.com - EU Foreign and Defense policy

Dear readers,

Here is another sound piece of reading, actually one of the best I had in the last 10 years about the EU Foreign policy and Defense policy: EUobserver.com. Written by no one else than the Europa World editor, Peter Sain ley Berry, it is a clear explanation of why EU common policies in the usual national sovereignty field are a failure, the test case being Lebanon.

Read the article and make yourself an opinion, of course. The main idea is that any common policy formulated and acted upon by a unique representant (Mister Solana, for instance, or the rotating President of the European Council) would be better than the current national policies altogether. Even a bad common policy would still be better for the EU as a whole (and its member states) than what we now have. Because if individually these national policies are all respectable, with their pros and cons, their superposition gives the wrong impression to our partners in the world, show weakness to our ennemies and in the end annulate each other by the simple show of division which follows.

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